Propaganda Techniques and Persuasion Assignment in PR

Hadley cantrell social psychologist on individuals

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Unformatted text preview: son or logic.” (Hadley Cantrell, social psychologist on “individuals” and propaganda propaganda Edward Bernays PR pioneer Bernays said: “Like Columbus, you can sail west and reach new land by accident. But if you have charts, you can do better; you can arrive at a destination decided upon in advance.” Propagandists use research about how people form opinion, attitudes and beliefs to create messages that persuade. Bernays 1891-1995 (lived to 103) Considered one of the Fathers of PR Born in Vienna and had a degree in agriculture, but chose journalism career First to manipulate public opinion using the subconscious (uncle Sigmund Freud) and used Pavlovian psychology Philosophy was that society was irrational and dangerous (herd instinct) Called his technique “engineering consent” Bernays, continued … Believed you could influence the masses by influencing opinion leaders Opened his PR office in New York, 1919 Promotion and publicity blitzes Fashioned a “corporate elite for economic benefit” -- “never put my duty to groups I repres...
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