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Propaganda Techniques and Persuasion Assignment in PR

E teacher as intellectual leader of a social group

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Unformatted text preview: academic with students’ actual experiences and active learning, i.e., teacher as intellectual leader of a social group Father: project-based learning (student as researcher) Dewey on Journalism’s Role Knowledge is the interaction of citizens, elites, experts, through the mediation and facilitation of journalism. Everyone is responsible for the outcome. Journalism should be more than news. It should present alternatives, choices, consequences and conditions to foster conversation and generate knowledge. To Which of These PR Philosophies … … do you subscribe – and why? Your role in PR depends upon where you stand on this issue. Persuasion Assignment Persuasion Write Write a pitch letter using the techniques of propaganda described here. propaganda short sentences and short paragraphs, good grammar and spelling, and AP style. audience analysis: research on values, beliefs, interests, self-interest. Clarity, brevity and accuracy – and a clearly defined message – will give your pitch viability in the marketplace. will Use Use Use Use...
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