Propaganda Techniques and Persuasion Assignment in PR

When cantrell 1941 who developed his laws later in

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Unformatted text preview: s flourish Social when times are out of joint.” when – Cantrell, 1941, who developed his laws later (in 1944) (in In short, propaganda is … In Ivy Lee 1877-1934 (lived to 57) Born in Georgia, son of Methodist minister Princeton grad: newspaper reporter Est. 3rd U.S. PR firm with partner based on “Accuracy, Authenticity and Interest” Declaration of Principles (1906) Public responsibility beyond client obligations Release info in press releases based on truth. Hired as VP by Penn Railroad in 1912 Ivy Lee, continued Originator, modern crisis communications Represented John D. Rockefeller Jr. at Standard Oil (Ludlow Massacre) “Tell the truth because sooner or later, the public will find out, anyway.” Advocated changing company policies to align with what people want, but he also lobbied on behalf of the railroad for rate increases. Philosophy: “two-way street,” yet he often engaged in one...
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