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Electric Power Research Institute 2009 Portfolio 01 Power Quality for Improved Power Delivery Performance Program Overview Program Description Electric utilities worldwide consistently report that power quality (PQ) is a fundamental, but under- leveraged component of the three key utility business performance metrics: system performance, economic performance, and customer satisfaction. The member-developed EPRI Power Quality Program Research Master Plan lays out a 10-year comprehensive strategy for PQ to profoundly improve these three metrics, allowing PQ managers and T&D asset utilization and system planning professionals to use PQ-related technology, knowledge, and expertise to improve their organization’s bottom-line performance. The program’s four project sets are carefully structured to provide a comprehensive PQ research program: combines improved understanding of fundamental processes, system modeling, and standards to produce state-of- the-art optimization and design tools delivered through the PQ Diagnostic System. Integrating PQ Monitoring and Intelligent Applications to Maximize System Performance (PS01B) performs fundamental research in the area of data monitoring, storage, and visualization—resulting in a new release each year of the highly regarded PQView data visualization and analysis software package. Achieving Cost Effective PQ Compatibility Between the Electrical System and Loads (PS01C) combines technology assessment and fundamental research into understanding the compatibility between the power system and loads, culminating in the Industrial Design Guide tool that can be used for engineering and to educate users on optimization of system compatibility between electric power and end use. PQ Technology Transfer and Knowledge Development (PS01D) uses the ongoing and historical work of the above research and the rest of the PQ world with an ongoing stream of cutting-edge reports, case studies, tools, and multimedia content, as well as a 500+ document electronic library delivered via the MyPQ.net website. Industry Needs and Issues Addressed Power quality is essential for improved system performance, both for remediation of problems as they occur and for prevention of problems before they occur. Power quality is becoming an important economic driver for modern electric utilities, enabling improved efficiencies in system operations, planning, and visualization. Power quality is fundamental to improving customer satisfaction and appears as a priority on virtually all utility customer satisfaction surveys. Impact The member-developed EPRI PQ Program Research Master Plan has defined approximately 20 long- term goals that the EPRI PQ research program is striving to achieve through direct research, coordination with other EPRI research, and support of other industry efforts. Some highlights of these goals include: Within ten years, models and tools will be available to identify the most cost-effective utility-side
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2009_P001 - Electric Power Research Institute 2009...

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