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Special Report – Technical Theme 2 POWER QUALITY & EMC Chairman: A. Robert, Belgium Rapporteurs: E. De Jaeger and J. Hoeffelman, Belgium The scope of Session 2 has been defined as follows by the Session Advisory Group : Power Quality , i.e. voltage continuity (often referred to as supply reliability) and voltage quality; Power Quality is related to outages and to LF disturbances ( 9 kHz) reaching equipment through the electricity supply; EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) in the usual narrow sense (HF disturbances on the electricity supply and all disturbances – HF or LF - reaching equipment other than through the electricity supply); some safety and resistibility concerns (overvoltages, earthing systems. ..) are also considered. The 2001 session will be divided in four sections of 90 minutes: I. EMC and Safety Problems, II. Voltage dips and Interruptions, III. Disturbing Loads and Phenomena (harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, unbalance), IV. PQ Monitoring and New Technologies. Each section will be divided in two main parts : 1) a few presentations by keynote speakers or authors, 2) discussion (prepared contributions and free discussion). The aim of this special report is : 1) to present a synthesis of the present concerns in each of the four sections, mainly based on the selected papers, 2) to call for prepared contributions on particular points which appear in the papers or which are not covered by them, 3) to stimulate the free discussion . Call for prepared contributions. Prepared contributions will preferably aim at answering the questions of the Special Report. However, other kinds of contributions will be welcome : - fresh information on particular points which appear in the papers or which are not covered by them ; - case studies (outstanding disturbance experiences, causes, solutions. ..) ; - comments on a particular paper (“I agree/disagree with that result/conclusion”, "My own practical experience in the same field is. ..") ; - just plain questions to the author of a paper. According to the successful experiment of CIRED 1997 and 1999, all prepared contributions will be made available to attendees at the entrance of the conference room. Furthermore, some of the most relevant ones will be selected for a verbal presentation (second part of each section). General guidelines for authors of prepared contribu- tions : - language: preferably English for the written document ; - starting with: title, name of author(s), affiliation, country, number of the relevant question in the special report or number of the commented paper ; - font: Arial or Times New Roman, minimum size: 10, margins: 2.5 cm top and bottom, 1.8 cm left and right, preferably two columns with 0.5 cm gap ; - maximum length: 2 pages, including both text and illustrations (this allows for a lot of information if a 2- column presentation is chosen) ; - deadline: preferably May 25 (possibly June 1 at the very latest) ; - address: Alain ROBERT, CPTE, Rodestraat 125, B-1630 LINKEBEEK, Belgium, Fax: +32.2.382.2300, E-mail: [email protected] (the preferred way being to send your contribution by e-mail as an attached file).
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cired2001SPECIAL2 - Special Report Technical Theme 2 POWER...

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