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PSU Chem 213 Syllabus - Chem 213 Syllabus Chemistry 213...

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Chem 213 Syllabus Chemistry 213: Organic Chemistry Lab Spring 2010 Course Times: Tues/Thurs 9:05 am – 12:05 pm Course Location: 205 Whitmore Lab Tues/Thurs 1:25 pm – 4:25 pm Monday/Wednesday 9:05 am -12:05 pm Tues/Thurs 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Monday/Wednesday 1:25 pm -4:25 pm Course Location: 205 Whitmore Lab Faculty in charge: Dr. Jackie Bortiatynski Dr. Sheryl Rummel Laboratory Director Director of Instrumentation Office: 211D Whitmore Office: 211B Whitmore Phone: 865-2772 Phone: 867-2658 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday: 1-2 pm Course Website: ANGEL Required Materials: 1. "Lab Guide for Chemistry 213: Introductory Organic Laboratory" Minard, Masters, Halmi & Williamson, Bortiatynski, newest Edition published by Hayden McNeil. 2. Organic Chemistry Laboratory Notebook - 8.5" x 11" white quadrille sheets with 120 tear-out and carbonless carbon pages, published by Hayden McNeil, 3rd edition. 3. Eye Protection - Eye Protection is required at all times in the Organic Laboratory! See Information on Eye Protection in Chapter 2 4. Organic Lab Equipment Kit of expendable items including 2 NMR tubes, 15 TLC plates, 12 vials, etc. This kit is available at the Penn State Bookstore. 5. Combination or key lock If you wear shorts or a top that exposes your midriff, you must purchase and wear a plastic lab apron to protect your midriff and legs. You CANNOT wear open-toe shoes in the lab! Course Objective: To learn and master fundamental organic chemistry laboratory techniques, to perform synthetic reactions, work-ups, and purifications, to learn how to operate instrumentation and analyze spectral data, and to write original lab reports in a professional manner. Breakdown of Points: Assignment Quizzes/ Tests PreLab & Notebook Pages Formal Final Report Total Points Orientation Exercises --- --- --- 100 Check Out Activities --- --- --- 100 Chapter 4 Yes 50 --- 100 Chapter 5 Yes 100 --- 150 Chapter 6 Yes 100 --- 150 Chapter 7 Yes 100 --- 150 Chapter 8 Yes 75 100* 225 Chapter 10, Spectral Unknown No NA 100** 100 Chapter 9 5 Synthetics/Isolations Yes 5 x 75 5 x 125 1050 Quizzes 6 X 50 --- --- 300 Final Exam 100 --- --- 100 *Chapter 8’s formal final report will have two drafts. One-half of the points deducted in the first draft can be earned back in the second draft; **the assignment for Chapter 10 is not a formal final report. You will be required to submit forms for this experiment; the forms with instructions are on ANGEL. The weighting of the assignments were as follows: Technique experiments- 35%, Synthetic experiments- 35%, Orientation/Checkout Activities- 5%, Quizzes- 10%, Final- 15%.
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Chem 213 Syllabus Lab Assignments/Grading: The assignments to be completed by each student are listed in the table above. There will be five (5) techniques experiments requiring prelabs and notebook pages (one which
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PSU Chem 213 Syllabus - Chem 213 Syllabus Chemistry 213...

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