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Prompt 4 - We can also see the process taking place in the...

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Prompt #4 During life, one will always run into obstacles and problems, we always make mistakes during our path to adulthood. One may have heard of the saying “nobody’s perfect” meaning that we all contain flaws. Although we all have positive traits, we tend to pick on others lacking the trait we contain. I do not believe that we most resent in others the very flaws that we ourselves possess. We have all read the legendary story, The Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christina Anderson. As the story starts out, a little duckling is hatched. Among all the newborns, that little duckling is the ugliest. The rest of the ducks in the pond detest and abuse him due to the fact that they are more appealing than he is. The older ducks pick on the little ugly duckling due to the fact that his appearance is not as appealing as theirs. They loathe the little ugly duckling because he is different from them and don’t have the same traits.
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Unformatted text preview: We can also see the process taking place in the Olympian champion, Michael Phelps life. Michael Phelp was bullied for having a lisp and big ears when he was little. Children would bully him due to his differences in appearance, similar to the Ugly Duckling’s story. Children bullied him because they found flaws in Michael Phelps that they themselves did not contain. They could not accept a person being different from them. From a children’s novel leading to an Olympian champion’s experience, one can see that we resent another for the flaws that we do not have. One resents another due to the fact that they are different. One tends to point out flaws in other people that one detests. If we encountered this obstacle, all we can do is prove ourselves better....
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