Chapter 2 CMST2010 - Chapter Summary and Glossary from...

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Chapter Summary and Glossary from Publisher Chapter 2: Communication, Perception, and the Self Chapter Summary A significant part of our interpersonal communication effectiveness is based upon our perceptions and on our self-concepts. Our perceptions are influenced by our self-identity, and our self-identity is influenced by our perceptions. The two are inseparable in our communication with others. Perception is the process of using our physical senses to respond to the world around us. The perception process occurs in four stages: attending and selecting, organizing, interpreting, and retrieving. In the attending and selecting stage, we use our senses to respond to our interpersonal environment, then decide which stimuli we will attend to. In the organizing stage, we order the information we have selected so that it is understandable and accessible. In the interpreting stage, we assign meaning to what we perceive, based on our relational history, personal expectations, and knowledge of ourselves and others. In the retrieving stage, we recall information we have stored in our memories, which affects how we communicate with others. Perception is influenced by many factors, including culture, sex and gender, physical factors, technology, and selfconcept. A person's self-concept is the relatively stable set of perceptions a person holds of himself or herself. Our self-concept is shaped by self-awareness, an understanding of who we are; by self-esteem, an evaluation of who we perceive ourselves to be; and by selffulfilling prophecy, predictions we make about ourselves. An important component of the self is identity management, or the ways we handle
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Chapter 2 CMST2010 - Chapter Summary and Glossary from...

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