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Whitman-Dickinson Response

Whitman-Dickinson Response - are walking on so don’t...

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Christina Suarez January 21, 2008 Marsom- ENG 105 Walt Whitman “Song of Myself” Response When I read Mr. Whitman’s excerpt of “Song of Myself”, I got the feeling he was talk about things that are way bigger than we think. Not literally though, more down to earth thoughts. He came off to me as someone who believes that we come from the things God put on Earth and when we finally die, we will return as one of them. I think he was also trying to say that not to under appreciate what is surrounding us. I think his purpose for writing this was to covey the meaning of you come from what you
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Unformatted text preview: are walking on so don’t trash it. Emily Dickinson “Success is Counted Sweetest” Response What I understood as the purpose for Emily Dickinson writing this poem of “success” as was that only to the victors is success the sweetest. I think that she was trying to say that victory in deed is sweet but only at a fight to win. As it may be great for the ones who triumphed, I think she is trying to say that you also need to be humble deep inside....
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