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Problem Set # 1 (Due Wednesday, September 22 at beginning of lecture) Economics 709 Fall 2010 As mentioned in the first class, you may work in groups. However, you must write up your own solutions in your own words. “CB” refers to Casella and Berger. 1. CB 1.1 2. CB 1.4 3. CB 1.5 4. CB 1.8 5. CB 1.13 6. If two fair dice are tossed, what is the smallest number of throws for which the
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Unformatted text preview: probability of getting at least one double six exceeds 0.5? 7. (due Oct 1) Run a simulation to nd the probability that if n students are in a classroom, none of them have the same birthday. Try n = 20 , 50. 1...
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