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B u ddhism Stu dy Gu ide and Qu es tions for Examination # 1 1. In what ways do the Buddhists give a distinctive interpretation to the various key terms— ā tman, Brahman, karma, mok a, sa s ā ra, etc.—under debate during the Upani adic period? Compare and contrast their position with that of Vedic religion and other ś ramanic alternatives. What was stressed in Vedic religion and abandoned by the Buddhists? What was distinctive about their teachings? 2. Explain the role of the biographical elements in the sutra in presenting the Buddhist teachings. 3. The authors of our textbooks, Gethin and Fogelin, take very different stances towards dating the early teachings of Buddhism. What are their theories? Why do they differ so radically in their assertions about the applicability of the textual material to studies
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Unformatted text preview: of the earliest Buddhist tradition. What difference do their perspectives make for our understanding of the tradition? Which of the authors makes a beter 4. Explain in detail the Four Truths of the Noble One and the subsidiary/related teachings, including the three poisons, five skandha, six realms, twelve-fold chain of conditioned coproduction, Eight-fold Noble Path, etc. How are these teachings inter-related and complementary? 5. Using the readings in Olivelle, Fogelin, Gethin, and Williams (if you find it useful) and the lecture notes, describe the social, political, and historical context at the time of the rise of Buddhism....
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