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Unformatted text preview: Study Sheet on Buddhist Cosmology Based on Inagaki, Hisao. The Three Pure Land Sutras: A Study and Translation from Chinese . Kyoto: Nagata Bunshodo, 1995, 386–387; Sadakata, Akira. Buddhist Cosmology : Philosophy and Origins . 1st English ed. Tokyo: K ō sei Pub. Co., 1997, with modifications. 1. Divisions of Time and Cosmic Cycles a. one kalpa =8 yuga i. yuga occur in cycles of four beginning with the auspicious k ṛṭ a yuga and progressing to the nadir, the kali yuga ii. after a cycle of four yuga , the cycle repeats beginning with another kali yuga and progressing to an apogee with another k ṛṭ a yuga iii. after one cycle of eight yuga the whole cycle repeats b. mah ā kalpa =80 kalpa i. each mah ā kalpa encompasses the creation and destruction of a great chiliocosm of 1 billion Sumeru-centered world systems ii. each mah ā kalpa is divided into four periods of twenty kalpa 1. period of creation 2. period of duration 3. period of destruction (dissolution) 4. period of annihilation (nothingness)...
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