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Religion 44, Buddhism, Vocabulary Sheet 2 bhik u (m)/bhik u ṇī (f)/bhikkhu/bhikkun ī : a mendicant; one who has taken the full ordination Five Precepts ( pañca- śī la ): the five basic precepts received by devout Buddhist laypeople. These are not to kill; not to steal; not to be promiscuous; not to lie; not to use intoxicants Four-fold Assembly: monks, nuns. laywomen, laymen; the groups that compose the Buddhist community nik ā ya : a school of Buddhism with a distinctive Vinaya; “a nik ā ya or sect can be described as a group or community of monks that mutually acknowledge the validity of their upasampad ā or higher ordination and therefore can join together in the performance of . . . acts prescribed by Vinaya or Buddhist ecclessiastical law.” (Heinz Bechert, “Mah ā y ā na Literature in Sri Lanka: The Early Phase”) nirvana with remainder ( sopadhi ś e a nirv āṇ a/sa-up ā disesanibb ā na ): nirvana in this life; the buddha or arhat continues to exist in the world and is subject to the fruits of past karmic action nirvana without remainder ( nirupadhi ś e anirv āṇ a/an-up ā disesanibb ā na ): nirvana after death of the enlightened buddha or arhat; complete escape from sa s ā ra p ā r ā jika : an offense entailing defeat; one of the four (eight for bhik un ī ) offenses that result in automatic expulsion from the Buddhist order; sexual intercourse; taking human life; stealing; falsely claiming miraculous powers po adha/uposatha : the full moon, new moon, and intermediate quarter days of the lunar month; by extension, the
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Vocabulary_Sheet_2a - Relig ion 44, Buddhism, Vocab ulary...

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