Cosmology_Meditation3 - Abhidharma-koa(Storehouse Treatise...

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Sheet Abhidharma-ko ś a (Storehouse Treatise on the Buddhist Teaching): a fifth century CE compendium of Sarv ā stiv ā da-Sautrantika abhidharma written by Vasubandhu access concentration: the level of concentration in which the five hindrances are eliminated and the five jhanic factors are present; just prior to the first jh ā na ; the level of concentration sufficent for enlightenment a ś aik a/asekha : “one who has nothing to learn,” one who has reached the stage of arhat bh ā jana-loka : the “receptacle-world” that is created as a result of the collective karma of sentient beings brahmavih ā ra : abodes of brahma, ways of living like Brahma; meditations on friendliness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanitmity cakrav ā la : a world-system counterpart sign: the ideal, flawless eidetic image of the learning sign dharma/dhamma : fundamental elements of existence; the Therav ā dins postulated over 80 different dhamma dhy ā na/jh
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Cosmology_Meditation3 - Abhidharma-koa(Storehouse Treatise...

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