Bio 201 Syllabus

Bio 201 Syllabus - BIOLOGY 201 General Animal Physiology...

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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGY 201 General Animal Physiology Laboratory Schedule ‘ l Week of Mg ‘3 Lab Sept. 6 Introduction & Equipment “ Exercise One Sept. 13 Respiration (Oxygen Consumption) J Exercise Two A Sept. 13 Respiration (Blood Oxygen Binding) l Exercise Two B Sept. 20 Osmoregulation l Exercise Three Sept. 27 Digestive Enzymes Exercise Four Oct. 4 Frog Heart Exercise Five Oct. 11 Active Transport ‘ Exercise Six Oct. 18 Nervous Conduction Exercise Seven Oct. 25 Skeletal Muscle ‘ Exercise Eight Nov. 1 Smooth Muscle ‘ Exercise Nine N 0v. 15 Sensory Physiology (Thurs. and Fri. Only) ‘ Exercise Ten Nov. 21 Sensory Physiology (Wed. Only) Exercise Ten Dec. 29 LAB FINALS WEEK ALL Formal Lab Report Due Dates Reports are to be handed in to T.A.s on or before the due date. First report: Due Friday October 22I 2010 not later than 4:90 PM. Second Report Due: At your Lab Final. 1 Biology 201 General Animal Physiology Fall 2010 MW 12:00 PM. Morrill Hall 215 o Instructor: G. Kass-Simon, Office: Morrill 217, E-mail: [email protected] 0 Office Hours: By appointment (Via e—mail) 0 Text: Eckert and Randall — Animal Physiology (5th edition available at the RI Book Company (URI Emporium). Also, highly recommended: Axen and Axen — “Physiology Coloring Book” (URI Emporium). 0 Lab Manual: Available at the URI Bookstore. - Computation of Grades: Each hour exam = 20 points for a total of 40 points or 40% of course grade. Final exam = 35 points or 35% of course grade. Lab grade = 25 points or 25% of course grade. TOTAL POINTS = 100 - Make-up Exams: There will be one make—up exam given during the last week of classes. The exam is open to only those who missed either of the regular examinations FOR MEDICAL OR OTHER SERIOUS REASONS. A WRITTEN MEDICAL EXCUSE OR A SUITABLE EQUIVALENT IS REQUIRED AT THE TIME THE EXAMINATION WAS MISSED. I Final Exam: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 8 A.M.-11‘A.M. o The date of the final will not change, and no make-ups Will be given, so please make travel arrangements accordingly. 3 LECTURE # TOPICS CHAPTERS 1 Introduction ‘ ‘ 1,2 2,3,4,5’ Cellular Bioenergetics and Metabolism . 3 6,7,8 Digestive Mechanisms and Enzyme Kinetics 15 9 Respiratory Mechanisms 13 10 15t HOUR EXAM, TUES OCT. 12 ‘ 11 Respiratory Mechanisms Continued . , 13 12,13,14 ' ' Circulation 12 15,16,17 Osmoregulation and Excretion 4,14 18,19 Nerves ‘ 4,5,6,8 20 2nd HOUR EXAM, MON NOV. 15 ‘ 21,22,23 Muscle and Sensory Physiology ‘ 10,7 24,25 Chemical Coordination 3 9 ...
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Bio 201 Syllabus - BIOLOGY 201 General Animal Physiology...

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