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I used to be a really superficial, conformist person when I first started my freshman year of high school. My snobbish attitude and my constant need to have people complimenting me were my two most prominent qualities. I’d hang out with people who were considered “socially elitist” so that I would fit in and people would respect me. These “friends” of mine didn’t look out for me or care about my well being at all, though. They just associated with me for the same reason that I associated with them – we collectively wanted a closed group that would be respected solely for its exclusivity. That is maybe the one thing that we actually had in common. I secretly preferred the company of some other people at my school with whom I could really identify with and relate to. However, the individuals in this second group were not part of the “popular” crowd and therefore talking to them was considered social suicide. I sacrificed my individuality for social recognition and acceptance. I recall reading the book 1984
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