Exam 2 - Night Audit • Completes the days transactions...

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Unformatted text preview: Night Audit • Completes the days transactions • Night Audit is the process • Night Auditor is the person who does the process. They have to fix things if info is inaccurate • Room charges are posted automatically with the press of a button • Big hotels have many departments: o PMS and POS may not be interfaced • Express check-out o Folio placed under your door. Agree with charges you can just leave. o Can check out on TV o Can request the bill to be sent to you • Exception reports: out of the room • Downtime reports: prints your core • Credit reports: lists guests problems • Reservation reports: rooms sold, unsold, those walked • Rooms Management reports: lists of all guest, VIP’s, and convention members • Report to the Manager o Key issues of previous days o Room count, house count, room income o Room statistics- ADR, Rev Par, Sold, Comps. • Shifts: 1-4 am • 8 steps: o Posting the appropriate room and tax rates to folios of the guests currently in the hotel o Verification of an accurate room status (in the PMS) of all rooms o Posting any necessary adjustments or allowances to guest folios o Verification that all legitimate non-room charges have been posted throughout the day to the proper guest folio o Monitoring guest account balances to determine whether any are over the guest’s credit limit o Balancing and reconciling the front desk’s cash bank o Updating and backing up the electronic data maintained be the front office o Producing, duplicating, and distributing all management mandated reports, such as those related to ADR, occupancy percentage, source of business, in-house guest lists, and the like. • Completed automatically Accounts Receivable • Account Receivable- a customer who owes a business for services that haven’t been paid o The bill containing the account of a guest is a “folio” • 2 types of customers o Transient- currently registered and in room (in house) o City Guests- People or organizations that stayed, left, and owe you money • The ledger- an accounting book o Transient ledger- handled by the front desk o City ledger- goes to the accounting people • Number of folios o 1 per room o 1 per guest, if room shared o 1 per many rooms, if one guest is paying •...
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Exam 2 - Night Audit • Completes the days transactions...

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