honors seminar - first journal

honors seminar - first journal - My ideas about social...

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My ideas about social justice and human rights were molded by the reactions of my reference groups to a wide variety of different values and beliefs. I consider myself a part of the counterculture – that is, I actively work to consciously deviate from mainstream society. There are free-thinking, independent-minded people out there (many of them, at that); these are the people with whom I associate and seem to have a profound connection. Call it a clique, a stereotype, a scene, or even a subdivision of conformity, but this is who I am. Those people that are not afraid to be different, those that aren’t afraid to stand out and take the road less traveled, those people I consider to be my kin. This “reference group” of mine believes so strongly in an independent spirit that they are not afraid to put forward new ideas or support existing ones that may disrupt the social order. I am of Indian ethnicity, and my parents are Hindu. My parents were both born in India, but I was born and raised in the United States. Usually, in Indian culture, you are supposed to follow your parents’ religion. My parents are Hindu, but I chose to be an agnostic; while I accept the idea of religion and fully understand it, I am not entirely convinced by it. My desire to be different is the reason for why I am not frightened of the unknown, or of radical ideas. Politically I suppose I could be described as a Democrat (however, I am actually quite apathetic towards politics so I guess that’s that). By shunning the Hindu religion, I also discarded the values and customs traditional of people from India; for example, the idea of having an arranged marriage did
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honors seminar - first journal - My ideas about social...

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