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Pretish Borde ONLINE LESSON: Life's Greatest Miracle Click Here to view the PBS Nova Series "Life's Greatest Miracle. You are given the option of viewing it in either QuickTime or Real video Answer the following Questions and bring to our next class. Passing On Your DNA What is DNA good at doing? Making copies of itself. True or False: The more diversity the greater the odds that someone will survive to create a new generation. True The Egg's Journey True or False: A woman creates all her eggs while she's still in the womb. True True or False: A typical ejaculation only contains about a teaspoon of liquid. True. The Sperm's Journey What percentage of sperm is typically "less than perfect?" 60% What is the "zona?" Thick protein shell surrounding the egg. The First Two Weeks 50% of all fertilized eggs fail to develop.
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Pretish Borde Why is the blastocyst in very grave danger when it first tries to attach to the lining of the mother's uterus? The blastocyst could be
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Unformatted text preview: attacked by the mother's immune system. The Embryo Takes Shape What milestone event takes place about 2 weeks after conception? The cells start to organize themselves into an embryo (gastrulation). True or False: Cells "talk" to each other in the form of chemical messages. True. Messages in the Genes True or False: If an embryo has two X chromosomes it typically becomes a boy. False. At 8 weeks the embryo is called a Fetus. Feeding the Growing Fetus True or False: The heart is one of the first organs that actually work during the early weeks of pregnancy. True. True or False: The fetus begins to hear sound at about 5 months. False. Pretish Borde The Third Trimester What is the main job of the fetus in the last trimester? To grow. Why is human birth far more dangerous than that or other mammals? A human baby has to go through many contortions to make it through the narrow opening....
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Miracle_Online_Lesson_1 - attacked by the mother's immune...

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