Image 2 Hybrid Method

Image 2 Hybrid Method - Upload it to<Emma> Paper...

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Method – The Hybrid Each member of the group will open their 2 pictures and as a group you will do Method – The Hybrid on those pictures. For each picture find 3-5 examples of the repetitions, strands, oppositions, and anomalies. You will do ranking for the most important repetition, strand, opposition, and anomaly. For each of your top-ranked features you will provide at least two pieces of information that this evidence gives you (think about making implicit explicit) You have 60 minutes for this, so that means 10 minutes per picture, so you have to be working hard. Make sure that you do one picture of each member of the group first, before you turn to the second choice. Whatever is not finished, you are responsible to finish at home (your images). Name it: Image 1 Hybrid Method.
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Unformatted text preview: Upload it to <Emma> Paper 1>Pre-write>open to Peer. THE HYBRID METHOD STEP 1: REPETITION Squares in earrings Blue color Snakes Hands Design on the neck of the woman Skulls Shape of earrings Fruits STEP 2: STRANDS Birds Shape of pointing rays behind the red lady Fishes Small drawing on the right side of the picture on the shoulder Waves Flowers Bricks STEP 3: BINARY OPPOSITES Color of fishes Sizes Colors of tiles in the design on the neck Blue color/ red color Shadow/Light STEP 4: ANOMALIES Small drawing of lady above the nose Leaves of the tree on the right side of the picture STEP 5: RANKING INFORMATION (IMPLICIT EXPLICIT) Red color Ancient picture Waves Representing the fire Creatures Ancient animals Earrings Round Snakes Represents as a hair Fishes Related to sea life...
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Image 2 Hybrid Method - Upload it to<Emma> Paper...

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