Assignment4 - System.out.print"Enter a bank...

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// Assignment #: 4 // Name: Quinton Candelaria // StudentID: 1201495198 // Lecture: 1 // Description: Assignment 4 class displays a menu of choices to a user // and performs the chosen task. It will keep asking a user to // enter the next choice until the choice of 'Q' (Quit) is entered. / import*; import java.util.*; i public class Assignment4 { public static void main (String[] args) { // local variables, can be accessed anywhere from the main method char input1 = 'Z'; String inputInfo; String bankName; int bankID; String city; String state; String line = new String(); // instantiate a Bank object Bank bank1 = new Bank(); printMenu(); //Create a Scanner object to read user input Scanner scan = new Scanner(; do // will ask for user input { System.out.println("What action would you like to perform?"); line = scan.nextLine(); if (line.length() == 1) { input1 = line.charAt(0); input1 = Character.toUpperCase(input1); // matches one of the case statement switch (input1) { case 'A': //Add Bank System.out.print("Please enter the bank information:\n");
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Unformatted text preview: System.out.print("Enter a bank name:\n"); bankName = scan.nextLine(); bank1.setBankName(bankName); System.out.print("Enter a bank ID:\n"); bankID = Integer.parseInt(scan.nextLine()); bank1.setBankID(bankID); System.out.print("Enter a city of the bank:\n"); city = scan.nextLine(); System.out.print("Enter a state of the bank:\n"); state = scan.nextLine(); bank1.setBankAddress(city, state); break; case 'D': //Display bank System.out.print(bank1); break; case 'Q': //Quit break; case '?': //Display Menu printMenu(); break; default: System.out.print("Unknown action\n"); break; } } else { System.out.print("Unknown action\n"); } } while (input1 != 'Q' || line.length() != 1); } /** The method printMenu displays the menu to a user**/ public static void printMenu() { System.out.print("Choice\t\tAction\n" + "------\t\t------\n" + "A\t\tAdd Bank\n" + "D\t\tDisplay Bank\n" + "Q\t\tQuit\n" + "?\t\tDisplay Help\n\n"); } }...
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Assignment4 - System.out.print"Enter a bank...

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