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“To know Venezuela is your destiny.” - Alejandro Flemming, Venezuela’s Minister of Tourism (slogan for Venezuelan tourism) Family moved there when I was in 11 th PROS - Hotels – (Maremares = expensive / Hotel Razil = mid range, $60 per night, sea views) Recreational activities (beaches and boating) story about boating to cove / (Isla Margarita) = 2 hrs away from PLC by boat; views, hotels, nightlife, duty free shopping attract tourists; at least 50 beaches on 106 miles of coastline Shopping – (Caribbean Mall / Plaza Mayor) = biggest malls in PLC; can find anything you need; many brand name stores / good restaurants Nightlife – (Bambuda Bar) = sushi bar / huge variety of drinks / visit anytime of day / main attraction for clubbers cuz it has a dance floor (Nikki Beach) = nightclub, eating, drinking, dancing,
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Unformatted text preview: people watching / 4 different types of food / a big dance floor / hammocks all around the club / plenty of seating cuz is restaurant as well as club CONS - Poverty – LOTS! / grocery store example / vandalism and spray paint example Politics – President Hugo Chavez doesnt like ameicans / banned many american goods / banned coke zero cuz of health reasons Traffic – ALWAYS! / add hr – hr ½ to trip Driving skills – not good / turn 4 lane hw into 7 or 8 lane hw / always accidents Sicknesses – Tap water = not safe / easier for tourist to get sick cuz they arnt used to the water / sister example Good things = nightlife, beaches, shopping Bad things = poverty, politics, traffic, driving skills, sicknesses...
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