Recruiting Interview Assignment Overview - Section 04

Recruiting Interview Assignment Overview - Section 04 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Application Assignment 2: Recruitment Interview Interviewing 3306-04 (100 points) Due Date: 10/04, 10/06 Points: 100 Assignment Overview: This assignment is designed to give students the opportunity to be a recruiter (interviewer) and an applicant (interviewee). Realism will be stressed in these interviews by having interviewers work in recruiting teams to create job descriptions and interview schedules as well as conduct interviews. Student applicants will be required to present resumes, cover letters, and other job related items as requested by recruiting teams. It is important to see the selection process from both sides of the table because you will play both roles in your professional and social lives. Though you are undoubtedly most interested in the applicant role at this stage in your life as you seek internships and positions, you will play the role of recruiter far more often in the future than the role of applicant. You will be an applicant only a few times in your life, but you are likely to be involved continually in the recruiting process with organizations that employ you, regardless of your job description. You are also likely to be involved in "social" hiring situations such as selecting clergy for your church, superintendents for your children’s school system, directors of local music groups, and candidates for your political parties. As a bonus, understanding what the recruiter does and why will make you a more effective applicant. Student recruiters will assume the role of screening interviewers for Baylor, while student applicants will assume the role of college seniors looking for an entry-level position. No additional role-playing is necessary for this assignment. The Interview Scenario You and your partner are human resources representatives for Baylor University. You are looking to fill an opening for a university recruiter who will represent Baylor at area high schools and other community venues across the state of Texas. Your job is to create a job advertisement/vacancy notice and come up with a moderate schedule of questions to interview your prospective candidates and make a decision as to which of the candidates you wish to hire. Objectives of the Assignment: As an interview/recruiting team, you should be able to: a. act as recruiters for Baylor University and construct a job advertisement for a student recruiting position that is due via email to your applicant by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 30. You should compose a message properly greeting your applicant when you send the job posting. The subject of your email should be “Recruitment Interview Position”. b. use and evaluate resumes and cover letters to make an informed decision about the applicant(s)’ professional preparedness (should receive from applicants via email by 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 1. The subject of the email should be “Cover Letter and Resume for Recruiting Position”. ) c. design an interview schedule of questions for each candidate to be interviewed for the job. to be interviewed for the job....
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Recruiting Interview Assignment Overview - Section 04 -...

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