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Kelley Owens JOU 4368 – Current Event # 2 September 8, 2010 Hartz recalls dog treats In the online version of CNN, there is an article titled “Pet product company recalls nearly 75,000 bags of dog treats.” It is about a dog food company that is recalling a specific type of treat for dogs. Hartz Mountain Corp., after random sample testing by the FDA, indicated the presence of salmonella in one or more 8-ounce bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs. The company has not received any reports of animals or people becoming ill as a result of contact with the treats. This article relates to chapter 4 firstly, because in order for Hartz to realize that it's product had been tainted, a public relations representative had to do research to discover the salmonella. Secondly, the public relations specialist who put the article together had to do research to figure out which details
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Unformatted text preview: to include in the press release. The article relates to chapter 9 because Hartz is experiencing a crisis, and therefore a public relations person should put together a media kit for crises. The public relations person should include such things as: a brief fact sheet that states the address and phone number, the mission statement, the history of the company, what the crisis is and contact information for consumers. My internship relates to this article because Dana Lee is having me redesign a web page for the Baylor Student Union website. The fact that I have to this shows that I must do research first in order to obtain all the information required for the redesign. Also, the way that I am redesigning the web page it is kind of like a promotional media kit. The reason I say this is because I am trying to bring the public's attention to the web page....
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