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Internship Job Decription Data Form

Internship Job Decription Data Form - Internship Work...

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Fall 2010 Advanced Public Relations Internship Job Description (Please provide typed responses for ease of data sort. Thanks!) Name of Intern: ________________________________________________________________ Intern’s Phone and E-Mail: ________________________________________________________ Supervisor’s Name, Title, Phone and E-Mail Address : __________________________________ ______________________________________________ _______________________________ Organization/Company: __________________________________________________________ Physical Address of Company for Site Visit Location : ___________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Internship Work Schedule ( Specific Days/Times Please ): ________________________________ Student, please briefly describe how you located your internship experience: _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Please Consult Your Mentor to Develop a Brief But Thorough Job Description (using bullets) : • First priority task(s): • Second priority task(s): • Third priority task(s): • (Please list all job duties. Please also use the Course Schedule assignments , the PRSA products list in the syllabus, and the SCANS evaluation form to make your list.)...
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