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mythsexam1 review

mythsexam1 review - Hesoid born in ascra brother perces...

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Hesoid born in ascra , brother perces Hesiod had the choice to choose which tradition to follow and when. First there is chaos space in which the creation takes place Gaia is earth, ouranos(sky), mountains and sea Tartaros the underworld. Typhon father of all monsters, gaias first son fathered by tartaros Zeus finally defeats cronos at the battle titanomachy(titans) Titans were thrown into tartaros Zeus defeats Typhoios and begins a list of divine marriages which the continuing mating with other gods shows the evolution of the universe 9Muses daughters of zeus and memmory– cleio, euterpe, thaleia, melpomene, terpsichore, erato, polyhymnia, ourania, calliop. Sing to gods, to praise the gods and entertain zeus. From the abyss erobos and darknight, night had sex with erobos gave birth to aether and day. Earths first child ouranos- heaven Earth slept with oranous and bore the ocean with its deep currents, also Coios, Crios, Hyperion, Iapetos, Theia, Rheia, Themis, Mnemosyne, gold-crowned Phoibe, tethys, and cronos. Ocean bore nymph monster, echidna who mated with typhaon. And gave birth to orthos,cerberos,hydra. Battle of the titans Gaia and Ouranos have three children, give birth to cronos, later give birth to cyclopses (brontes,steropes,arges) ournos hid in caves and later gaia convinced them to have revenge against their father.(thunderbolts) three other sons were born they were strong hulking creature had 100 hands stuck out of their shoulders and 50 heads (cottos,briaeros,gyges) ournos made them live underground in pain but the son of cronos took earths advice and let them back into the light.Zeus gave them what gods eat and it gave them strenght. Approaches to myth(methods of studying myth) allegorical: rationalizes myths as metaphors for human behaviour and customs comparative: christian old testament/ hebrew torah mesopatamian epic (gilgamesh) indian epic the comparison of myths from different cultures in an attempt to identify shared themes and characteristics. ritualism: connection between religious rituals and mythology psychological: sigmund freud used mythic stories to demonstrate his theories on human mental development and the effects of the personal unconsciousness functionalism : here myths are seen as characters of social customs and beliefs often dealing with cultural taboos structuralism: the analysis of myths into component parts.
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The olympians cronos and rheia give birth to Zeus, rheia gave birth to Zeus but crono wasn't aware because cronos swallowed his children (ate stone instead of child )so they wouldn't become stronger then him. Zeus was born in lyctos, crete. Zeus freed his uncles sons of Oranos(heaven). Earths last born child typhoios – when Zeus had driven the titans from heaven earth and tataros thanks
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mythsexam1 review - Hesoid born in ascra brother perces...

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