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Catriona Casali Zeitgeist: Addendum Peter Joseph, the director of the controversial educational film Zeitgeist: Addendum , believes that he can pinpoint every single problem with contemporary society, and believes he has the solution. The word Zeitgeist is a German word meaning 'the spirit of the times', which is a very broad definition, and appropriately, this movie hits a very broad spectrum of social problems. In the first half, Joseph (narrating) bombards you with statistics, graphs and quotes about the the federal reserve, the national debt, the 5 major institutions of society (legal, political, class and occupational specialization), sweatshops, technology, 911, several third world political assassinations, the misuse of our natural resources, etc. The second half offers a solution to this picture of sociological hell that has just been painted for you- a “resource-based global economy”', that replaces the labor force with machines and robots, and does away with the entire monetary system. There is an entire Zeitgeist movement, with 341,809 members around the world who are actively promoting this, and there are also those who believe that the whole thing is a bunch of Anarcho-communist propaganda, brought to you by a misinformed self-proclaimed profit. Of all the systems that 'plague society', it appears the one that Joseph feels strongest about is the monetary system, and in this segment he reveals some very surprising and little-known facts about the
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media essay - Catriona Casali Zeitgeist: Addendum Peter...

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