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1 State University of New York at Stony Brook Economics 108 Principles of Economics Fall 2010 TuThu 2:20-3:40 pm, JAVITZ Lecture Hall 100 Professor Eva Carceles-Poveda Office: SBS Building S-629 Office Phone: 1-631-632-7533 Office Hours: Tu 11:30-13:00 pm, S-629, SBS Building Email: Textbook: Principles of Economics (4 th edition) by Frank and Bernanke from McGraw- Hill. ISBN: 007735429X, ISBN13: 9780077354299. The Frank, Principles of Economics, 4 th edition text is available in hardcover or as an ebook. To purchase the ebook, you have to go to . Click on the book title and you’ll be able to preview and read a sample chapter. Features include search function, printing, highlighting, and note-taking. Anyone with a CourseSmart subscription can view their ebooks on the iPhone or iPod touch. See . The hardcover is available at the Stony Brook University campus bookstore. Recitations: There will be a head TA and regular TAs for this class. The name of the head TA is Bruno Badia ( ). If you have any complaints about any of the regular TAs you should talk to the head TA. The TAs will teach recitations and will hold weekly office hours. During the recitations, they will go over the solutions of the weekly assignments and answer any questions regarding the home assignments. You will have to hand in your home assignments to the TAs before your recitation (no assignment will be accepted after the recitation has started). You should take the assignments seriously and do them every week because they will help you to prepare for the exams. You should also attend the recitations. They will help you to see if you understand the material covered in the class. The time and place for the recitations, as well as the office hours of the TAs are below. Every day of the week, a group of several TAs will hold office hours. No. Time Location TA 01 Tu 3:50PM - 4:45PM Humanities 3018 Eda 02 Tu 5:20PM - 6:15PM Chemistry 128 Zahra 03 We 9:35AM - 10:30AM Physics P116 Mahabubul 04 We 10:40AM - 11:35AM Harriman 116 Priscilla 05 We 11:45AM - 12:40PM Humanities 1023 Glen/Luis 06 Th 9:50AM - 10:45AM LGT ENGR Lab 152 Deb 07 Th 11:20AM - 12:15PM Humanities 1023 Tamara 08 Th 12:50PM - 1:45PM SB union 237 Helen/Adel 09 We 2:20PM - 3:15PM Physics P130 Flying/Songkai 10 We 3:50PM - 4:45PM Humanities 1023 Bruno Badia
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2 TA Office Hour Email Eda Mo 11:30-12:30 SBS, S618 Zahra Thu 11:30-12:30, SBS, S620 Mahabubul Wed 11:40- 12:40, SBS, S616 Tamara Mo 11:30-12:30 SBS, S614 Glen Tu 9:00-1:00, SBS Lobby Deb Tu 9:00-1:00, SBS Lobby Priscilla Wed 11:40- 12:40, SBS, S622 Helen Thu 11:30-12:30, SBS, Lobby Flying Fri 10:40-11:40, SBS, Lobby Songkai Thu 11:30-12:30, SBS, Lobby Adel Wed 11:40- 12:40, SBS, Lobby
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Eco108sylF10 - State University of New York at Stony Brook...

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