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Exam I makeup - life as well as their change in social...

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Miss Hyatt NAME: EGL 192.01 September 28, 2010 EXAM I Make-up Directions: Answer both of the following essay questions. Be sure to  thorough and complete in your response. 1. Compare life in the Dominican Republic and life in America for the  girls. What changed when they moved to America? What was better?  What was worse? How did their relationships with their cousins  change? How did their parents change? Discuss daily life and school 
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Unformatted text preview: life as well as their change in social class. 2. It seems the father is always fighting a battle, no matter where he lives. Who is the villain on the island and who becomes the villain once the family arrives in America? What demons must the father fight to protect his family and keep them safe? After the move, he is still fighting demons, just different ones. How does that affect the family?...
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