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VEN 118 GRAPE PESTS, DISEASES AND DISORDERS FINAL, 13 December 2007 The scantron will be used for this portion of the test. The following are True/False ( True = A /False = B ) 1. The causal organisms for Powdery mildew and Bot canker are basidiomycetes. 2. Recent research has found that Phomopsis viticola is associated with wood cankers in the San Joaquin Valley. 3. Ascospores of Togninia minima are contained in cleistothecia. 4. Armillaria mellea infects only oak trees and grapevines. 5. Vine decline is often associated with stress to young vines to include soil water deficits, ‘J’ rooting and over-cropping. 6. Herbaceous indexing at FPS is used to detect both nepoviruses and leafroll viruses. 7. Viruses and bacteria can enter a plant only through a wound, other plant opening, vectored or via grafting. 8. Conidia of Eutypa lata are a source of inoculum in vineyards and involved in the disease cycle. 9. Botrytis cinerea can over-winter as sclerotia in the vineyard. 10. Plants other than grapevine can serve as a host for Xylella fastidiosa . 11. The leafroll virus is phloem limited. 12. Currently, fungicides are the only means to effectively manage Downy Mildew in vineyards. 13. JMS stylet oil can be used in a powdery mildew disease management program and it is the only means for control of the disease by organic grape growers. 14. The causual organisms of the disease ‘Black foot’ are Cylindrocapon species. 15. FPS certified material is free of all viral diseases. 1
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16. Within the disease triangle all of the following generally are true except : A. The environment has a dominant effect on the pathogen B. The host (grapevine) can have a significant effect on the environment. C. The host can have a dominant effect on the pathogen via resistance
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ven118final2007_(diseases)_07_practice_midterm - VEN 118...

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