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Case Study - HA 220 Case Study Liz Brown-Dymkoski-002386310...

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HA 220 Case Study Liz Brown-Dymkoski-002386310 Christina Suarez-002032052 50/50 Effort!
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Case #1- Absenteeism There has been a constant problem with out housekeepers being not showing up for their assigned shifts. After further investigation, it was found that the main reason for this is because a lot of the housekeepers have no transportation or unreliable transportation. Most live further than walking distance away and there are very few bus routes that would make it possible for them to ride the bus. In order to resolve this problem, I offer to set up a car- pool system that the housekeepers can use to give each other rides to and from work. We will have people work in the same shifts as other people that live nearby so that they can ride together. For the people that have cars will be receive a slight raise in order to cover the cost of using extra gas and taking the extra time to pick up other employees. If a car is not available for a certain shift, company vans could be used for a small fee paid by the employees. The drivers could be the same ones that drive guests to and from the airport so that we would not need to hire extra employees to provide this service. Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs and following his guidelines, providing transportation for the employees would satisfy their safety needs. It gives the employees a sense of stability knowing that they are going to get to their shift on time and secure. Case # 2- Turnover
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Case Study - HA 220 Case Study Liz Brown-Dymkoski-002386310...

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