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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of Viticulture and Enology VEN 135 WINE TECHNOLOGY AND WINERY SYSTEMS 16. BOTTLING EQUIPMENT Bottling systems are made up of several components and these generally include: 1. Glass dumping area and conveyor system 2. Dedusting or rinsing units 3. Fillers 4. Corkers 5. Capsulators 6. Labellers The bottling line can vary from a manual operation in which several people may be handling hundreds of bottles per hour to an automated line with two to three operators handling several hundred bottles per minute. Some lines are set up in a straight line while it is more common to use a U-shape with the finished bottles being returned to a point close to where they were first dumped from their cartons. The major bottling components will generally be enclosed in a separate room specially designed for ease of cleaning (tiled floors and walls) and often, a sterile atmosphere (positive pressure, membrane filtered air). Other considerations with respect to the bottling line will be the access of pallets and cases for both empty and full bottles. Relative timing of the individual units will be critical as a downstream unit operation that is too slow will cause backup of the bottles along the conveyor (i.e. the total bottling line speed is determined by the slowest step). Changes in bottle shape and size, as well as label type and size, may affect tooling of the whole line. The impact of these changes, which may come from a marketing group, should be discussed as early in the change process as possible. GLASS DUMPING AND CONVEYORS
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Lecture+16.++Bottling+Equipment - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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