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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of Viticulture and Enology VEN 135 WINE TECHNOLOGY AND WINERY SYSTEMS 17. STERILIZATION, SANITIZATION, AND CLEANING (PART 1) In the spectrum of cleanliness in a winery setting, three general levels can be defined. These levels are cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing. Cleaning is defined as the process of removing dirt and nutrients for potential growth of contaminants. Sanitizing is the process of reducing the microbial population to some level (e.g. kill/remove 99% of all viable microbes). Sterilization is the process of killing or removing all microbes to some probability. In a commercial winery, sanitization and cleaning are more important than strict sterilization. STERILIZATION AND SANITIZATION Three main methods are used for sterilization or sanitization in wineries. These are thermal inactivation, chemical inactivation, and filtration. Here, we will focus on the first two methods. Thermal Inactivation
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Lecture+17.++Cleaning+and+Sanitization - UNIVERSITY OF...

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