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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of Viticulture and Enology VEN 135 WINE TECHNOLOGY AND WINERY SYSTEMS 18. STERILIZATION, SANITIZATION, AND CLEANING (PART 2) CLEANING There are five main factors affecting cleaning in a winery. The first four are the chemistry (and concentration) of the cleaner, cleaning temperature, contact time, and turbulence (or physical action). The fifth factor is the surface characteristics of the equipment to be cleaned. However, only the first four factors can be varied to clean the equipment successfully while accounting for the fifth factor. Chemistry Several types of cleaners exist and are used in an industrial setting. These are alkalies/bases, complex phosphates, surfactants, acids, and chelating agents. Each of these categories of cleaners has its advantages in terms of specific types of cleaning (i.e. sequestering, wetting, emulsifying/suspending, dissolving, saponifying, peptizing, dispersion, and rinsing). A complete description is given in the Enology Briefs attached to the previous handout. Many proprietary cleaning agents are mixtures of several of these types of cleaners. A choice of cleaner must be made based on knowledge of the dirt to be encountered in your winery and the equipment and surfaces to be cleaned. It should be noted that your choices may also affect your wastewater treatment facility by adding BOD (e.g. citric acid) or potential growth inhibitors (e.g. HOCl). Temperature Temperature choice may also be critical in the cleaning of winery equipment. While higher temperatures will generally enhance the cleaning action of many chemicals, high temperature cleaning of a protein-rich solution will tend to “bake” this residue onto the surface as the proteins denature. Current Methods for Varying Contact Time and Turbulence
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Lecture+18.++Cleaning+Part+2 - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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