Lecture+23.++Workplace+Safety - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of Viticulture and Enology VEN 135 WINE TECHNOLOGY AND WINERY SYSTEMS 23. WORKPLACE SAFETY. As a winemaker you will have personal, professional and legal responsibilities for those who work with you. You will probably be by either definition or default the “safety officer” of the winery and you will probably have more knowledge of the process chemistry and materials used than any other employee. A hazard can be defined as anything with the potential of causing an accident and the risk is the probability of a hazard resulting in an accident. A good safety program will apply appropriate technologies to identify hazards and to prevent them from developing into an accident. Good safety programs will be based on a combination of safety knowledge, technical competence, management support and commitment. Wineries can be classified somewhere between the food and agricultural industries (Table 1-3) which have accident rates of between 6 and 9 times those of the chemical industry. TYPES OF HAZARDS The most obvious types of hazards are physical ones – moving equipment, slippery floors, steps, fire and noise, while often the more dangerous ones are of a chemical nature – propane, carbon dioxide, argon, ozone and others. In some cases it will be displacement of oxygen that is the real hazard usually by a essentially harmless,
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Lecture+23.++Workplace+Safety - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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