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5/17/2010 1 Real world Experimental design Data Design is a window With thanks to Tormod Naes If an experiment is worth doing, it is worth doing right. For best results be involved from the beginning What is the purpose of the study Get enough grapes to make enough wine for all testing and REPLICATIONS needed and REPLICATIONS needed! Is it realistic ? Do able or a fantasy What is the cost of test in time and money What are the EXPECTED differences among treatments? Designing an experiment Define Experimental objectives Identify Experimental FACTORS: sources of variation ‐‐ control, regulate, and want to test. Note and deal with Interference FACTORS: sources of variation, not of direct interest but which affect your results, such as carry over effects (covariates….). Identify RESPONSE variables: what you are measuring Assess SIZE of difference, adjust treatment levels accordingly, especially for exploratory studies Power: probability of finding the true answer; finding a difference if one exists or not finding a difference if there isn’t one Typically alpha level is selected before you start Effect size (size of the difference) is fixed before you start. To increase power: INCREASE number of judges or measurements Increase sensitivity and reproducibility of your judges by training Winemaking -FIELD REPS: Blending grapes Keeping grapes separate Depends on objective of study……. . How to handle vineyard and
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17-05-25-10-exptdesign - 5/17/2010 Experimental design Real...

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