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Unformatted text preview: herbell. 2004. Exploring the nature of wine expertise: What underlies wine experts’ olfactory recognition memory advantage? Food Qual. Pref. 15:411-420. Pessina, R., C. Patron, N. Pineau, P. Piombino, L. Moio, and P. Schlich. 2004. Measuring Temporality of Sensations in Wine. I n Proceedings for a Sense of Identity: European Conference on Sensory Science of Food and Beverages. SISS-Italian Society of Sensory Science (Ed.). Abstr. 30. Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence. Peynaud, E. 1996. The Taste of Wine. The Art and Science of Wine Appreciation. Wiley & Sons, New York. Pickering, G.J., J. Lin, R. Riesen, A. Reynolds, I. Brindle, and G. Soleas. 2004. Influence of Harmonia axyridis on the sensory properties of white and red wine. Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 55:153-159. Prescott, J., L.N. Norris, M. Kunst, and S. Kim. 2005. Estimating a “consumer rejection threshold” for cork taint in white wine. Food Qual. Pref. 16:345-349. Reynolds, A.G., D.A. Wardle, and M. Dever. 1996. Vine performance, fruit composition, and wine sensory attributes of Gewürztraminer in response to vineyard location and canopy manipulation. Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 47:77-92. Rossi, F. 2001. Assessing sensory panelist performance using repeatability and reproducibility measures. Food Qual. Pref. 12:467479. Saguy, I.S., and H.R. Moskowitz. 1999. Integrating the consumer into new product development. Food Technol. 53:63-73. Schlich, P. 1994. Grapes: A method and a SAS program for graphical representations of assessor performances. J. Sens. Stud. 9:157169. Schlich, P., N. Lespinasse, B. Navez, and D. Scandella. 2003. Preference mapping of tomato varieties from the French market. A PrefMaX consumer segmentation validated by a two-year study. In Proceedings for the 5th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium. H. Meiselman et al. (Eds.). Abstr. 068. Elsevier, Oxford. Solomon, G.E.A. 1990. Psychology of novice and expert wine talk. Am. J. Psychol. 103:495-517. Thomas, A., and G. Pickering. 2003. The importance of wine label information. Int. J. Wine Marketing 15:57-71. Valentin, D., S. Chollet, and H. Abdi. 2003. Les mots du vins: Experts et novices diffèrent-ils quand ils décrivent des vins? In Corpus 2:183-200. Watzke, H.J., and I.S. Saguy. 2001. Innovating R&D Innovation. Food Technol. 55:174-188. Yegge, J.M., and A.C. Noble. 2001. The identification of sensory and non-sensory attributes of Californian Chardonnay wines that influence acceptance and purchase intent for differing segments of consumers. In Proceedings of the ASEV 50th Anniversary Annual meeting. J.M. Rantz (Ed.), pp. 28-31. ASEV, Davis. Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 58:2 (2007)...
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