Determination of the consumer rejection threshold for

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Unformatted text preview: onomic impacts in the search for remedial treatments when tainted wines are detected. Determination of the consumer rejection threshold for emerging taints such as the multicolored Asian lady beetle ( Harmonia axyridis) (Pickering et al 2004) would ensure that acceptable wines could still be marketed while research is undertaken to design appropriate treatments to eliminate if not minimize the taint perception in the wine. Charters, S., L. Lockskin, and T. Unwin. 2000. Consumer responses to wine bottle back labels. Aust. N.Z. Wine Ind. J. 15(3):94-101. Cliff, M.A., and M.C. Dever. 1996. Sensory and compositional profiles of British Columbia Chardonnay and Pinot noir wines. Food Res. Int. 29:317-323. de la Presa Owens, C. 2001. Making sensory evaluation work in a winery. I n P roceedings of the ASEV 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting. J.M. Rantz (Ed.), pp. 12-14. ASEV, Davis. European Sensory Network (ESN). 1996. A European Sensory and Consumer Study. A Case Study on Coffee. CCFRA, Chipping Campden, UK. Findlay, C., J. Castura, P. Schlich, and I. Lesschaeve. 2006. Use of feedback calibration to reduce the training time for wine panels. Food Qual. Pref. 17:3-4, 266-276. Francis, I.L., M.A. Sefton, and P.J. Williams. 1992. A study by sensory descriptive analysis of the effects of oak origin, seasoning, and heating on the aromas of oak model wine extracts. Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 43:23-30 Francis, L., J. Field, M. Gishen, A. Coulter, P. Valente, K. Lattey, P. Høj, E. Robinson, and P. Godden. 2003. The AWRI closure trial: Sensory evaluation data 36 months after bottling. Aust. N.Z. Grapegr. Winemaker 475:59-64. Frøst, M.B., J.F. Delwiche, J.H. Beckley, and W.L.P. Bredie. 2005. Training and education in sensory and consumer science. In Proceedings for the 6th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium. CCFRA (Ed.). Abstr. W5. Elsevier, Oxford. Gawel, R. 1997. The use of language by trained and untrained experienced wine tasters. J. Sens. Stud. 12:267-284. Greenhoff, K., and H.J.H. MacFie. 1994....
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