Finalizing only the sensory profiles does not

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Unformatted text preview: on combining both the sensory and marketing attributes of the product. Finalizing only the sensory profiles does not guarantee market success. For example, few differences were shown between consumer liking scores for 10 inexpensive Chardonnay wines in blind and informed (showing bottle label) conditions with American consumers (Yegge and Noble 2001); however, significant differences were shown for Champagne wines (Lange et al. 2002) and Burgundy wines (Lange 2000), where external information had more weight than wine sensory properties on French consumer liking scores. These discrepancies in outcomes might be due to wine category studies, price range, reputation of wineries or brands, or cross-cultural differences between the two groups of consumers. Price point was also found as a constraint that moderates purchase intent and actual purchase behavior (Lange et al. 2000, 2002). Successful development of a new wine style for a targeted consumer segment should consider not only the sensory attributes of the wine but also the psychological, sociological, and economical factors that affect consumer purchase behavior and dynamics of wine preference. Perspectives for the Future Sensory techniques are well documented and accessible in order to better characterize wine sensory properties, ensure wine quality, and develop new wine styles according to consumer flavor preferences; however, only largescale wine operations have started to implement a sensory program internally or to contract outside resources to do so. This limited establishment of sensory programs is a concern since the use of sensory practices can be highly beneficial to smaller operations by providing objective data rather than personal opinions for research and development, quality control, product and market development. How can sensory professionals raise the awareness and confidence level of wine professionals for using sensory data in their business decisions? The first and immediate answer is to train more sensory professionals who can work with winery operations or act as exte...
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