In proceedings for the 12th australian wine industry

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Unformatted text preview: AWBR (Ed.). ENSAM, Montpellier, France. Lesschaeve, I., and C. Findlay. 2004. Development of a wine style guided by consumer research. In Proceedings for the 12th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference. R.J. Blair et al. (Eds.), pp. 34-37. AWRI, Adelaide. Lesschaeve, I., L.N. Norris, and T.H. Lee. 2002. Defining and targeting consumer preferences. In Proceedings for the 11th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference. R.J. Blair et al. (Eds.), pp. 118-122. AWRI, Adelaide. Martens, M., and H. Martens. 1986. Partial least squares regression. In Statistical Procedures in Food Research. J.R. Piggot (Ed.), pp. 293-360. Elsevier Applied Science, London. McEwan, J.A. 1996. Preference mapping for product optimization. In Multivariate Analysis of Data in Sensory Science. T. Naes and E. Risvik (Eds.), pp. 71-80. Elsevier Science, New York. Meilgaard, M., G.V. Civille, and B.T. Carr. 1987. Sensory Evaluation Techniques. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. Michon, C., and I. Lesschaeve. 2001. Impact of temporal perceptions on consumer acceptance of red wines. In Proceedings for the 4th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium. S. Issanchou (Ed.), p. 131. Abstr. P-083. INRA, Dijon, France. Moskowitz, H.R. 1994. Food Concepts and Products: Just in Time Development. Food & Nutrition Press, Trumbull, CT. Moskowitz, H.R. 1996. Experts versus consumers: A comparison. J. Sens. Stud. 11:19-37. Naes, T., and R. Solheim. 1991. Detection and interpretation of variation within and between assessors in sensory profiling. J. Sens. Stud. 6:159-177. Noble, A.C. 2001. Sensory evaluation in the wine industry: An under-utilized resource. In Proceedings of the ASEV 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting. J.M. Rantz (Ed.), pp. 1-2. ASEV, Davis. Noble, A.C. 2002. Astringency and bitterness of flavonoid phenols. In C hemistry of Taste: Mechanisms, Behaviors and Mimics. P. Given and D. Paredes (Eds.), pp. 192-199. ACS Symp. Ser. 825. Am. Chemical Society, Washington, DC. Parr, W.V., K.G. White, and D.A. Heat...
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