Inexpensive statistical package to perform univariate

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Unformatted text preview: criptors Acquire inexpensive statistical package to perform univariate (ANOVA) and multivariate (PCA) analyses Same person often assumes both roles; hire students with at least 2 courses in sensory evaluation to conduct short-term projects or to implement the program and write standard procedures Analysis of sensory data Sensory personnel b (1) Laboratory technician to prepare samples; (2) sensory spet to plan, conduct, analyze sensory tests Detailed information found in Lawless and Heymann 1998, Meilgaard et al. 1987. Detailed information found in Issanchou and Lesschaeve 1993. cDetailed information found in Chacon-Rodriguez et al. 2001. a b Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 58:2 (2007) S ensory Evaluation of Wine and Commercial Realities – 255 mented in winery operations by small adjustments in current practices in departments other than research and development, including quality control, inventory and brand management, blending, competitive testing, and new market development. Tasting should be organized by a third party in an appropriate tasting room, wines should be served blind, tasters should not be informed of the purpose of the test, and individual tasting data and comments should be collected independently before any group discussion. Decisions emerging from the tasting should be based on the data and not on the opinion of the group leader, regardless of experience. Tasters should be invited to maintain their tasting skills through regular training periods. Managing such programs requires a dedicated position and must be fully endorsed by winery managers and employees. Sensory analysis may not be used as widely as it should because wine professionals think of it as a research tool rather than as a business tool. Sensory professionals might not be proficient at communicating that sensory data as actionable data. However, wineries have increasingly been interested in the potential of combining sensory evaluation and market research to enhance their understanding and targeting of consumer wine...
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