ENS 314 - 3A - ENS-314 Global Environmental Change Living...

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ENS-314 Global Environmental Change Living in the Environment: Concepts, Connections, and Solutions , 16th ed., by G. Tyler Miller, Jr., and Scott E. Spoolman (Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole CENGAGE Learning, 2009). Written Assignment 3 Answer each of the following questions thoroughly. Provide each answer with scientific/technical detail. For certain questions you may need to supplement your answers with statistics or relevant examples. Be sure to acknowledge and cite your sources properly, preferably in APA style. 1) There are several points of view concerning the importance of maintaining biological diversity. For example, environmental groups in the Northwest want to restrict logging to save the habitat of an endangered bird. Timber companies insist that the well being of one bird type is not as important as the well-being of the population who will be affected if the restriction causes the companies to lay off workers. How do you respond to these arguments? Is there a possible compromise? (LO 3.1) After studying the various arguments, I’m starting to finally form my own opinion. If we as the human race, concerned ourselves with our own stewardship, our own partnership with the planet and left the other species alone, except for modest harvesting. We might actually have a recipe for success. After studying our text, I question whether any species at the top of the food chain would do less devastation to the planet? For example; If the elephant were allowed to run rampant just as any other plant or animal as demonstrated by the Kudzu plant. They would essentially do the same to the planet that we are doing, take over and devastate. I found this weeks readings to more then ever be reinforcement in balance, but also in allowing nature it’s turn and controlling our behavior. By controlling our impact on the environment and thirst for various luxuries. (i.e. exotics, SUV’s, certain economic gain) Allowing nature to run it’s cycle, we might actually have a chance in surviving ourselves. However, as we can also see from this weeks study, this isn’t the course of our current action. Our current actions are centered on control and jurisdiction. Which honestly while it offers good intentions, isn’t realistic.
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ENS 314 - 3A - ENS-314 Global Environmental Change Living...

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