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Inn Inspection - hands between washing tables and bussing...

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Christina Suarez March 30, 2008 Lynn (MW 3:45-5:00) Executive Summary I arrived at The Inn promptly at 8:00 in the morning to see the breakfast crew working at full speed. The first person I met was Chef who was very nice and helpful. Chef showed me where to sign in and informed me that I could go wherever I wanted as long as I was safe and followed directions. The first task that I completed was the personal safeness inspection. I realized right away that none of the workers were wearing hats, caps, or hairnet or other effective hair restraints. As I was inspecting the employees, one female employee put chapstick on. On a positive note, all employees were dressed to perfection and were free of body odor. Their hands were free of dirt, jewelry, and wrist items. All the employees had been instructed on minimum sanitation and food protection requirements and were well educated. As I inspected the food handling process, I saw that none of the employees were wearing any type of gloves when picking up the rolls, bread, or ice. The employees also disregarded the fact of washing
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Unformatted text preview: hands between washing tables and bussing dishes. They did make sure that they did not touch the food contact surfaces of the plates, cups, glasses, and silverware when setting the table. My biggest criticism came when I inspected the dry storage area. Though the storage was well organized and stored, there were problems. When I first walked in to the area, it seemed very muggy and damp to be a dry storage area. I then had trouble getting through the walkway because there were boxes, trash cans, and other items blocking the way. Good news though, there was no evidence of insects or rodents. The floors in the kitchen were atrocious. Everywhere I went, the floors needed to be cleaned or swept. As I stood in some sections of the kitchen, my feet would stick to the floor or would be slippery. Other than those few issues, the inspection went very well. I enjoyed reviewing the Inn’s kitchen and learned a lot about the inspection process and how things work in a restaurant’s kitchen....
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  • Spring '08
  • Lynn
  • Christina Suarez, dry storage area, effective hair restraints, personal safeness inspection, food protection requirements

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Inn Inspection - hands between washing tables and bussing...

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