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MAN-435 Project Management Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage, by Jeffrey K. Pinto, (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice-Hall, 2007). ISBN-13: 978-0-558-39543-8 Case Study 1B: Rolls-Royce Corporation Read Case Study 2.1 on page 69. Then answer the questions. Questions 1.Who are Rolls’s principal project management stakeholders? Roll’s Royce’ principal project management stakeholders would include; Their end user of their jet engines, mainly commercial and defense related organizations. Airbus, because their consortium agreement. Top management Vital internal stakeholders; • Accountant • Other functional managers • Project team members Vital external stakeholders would include; • Suppliers • Environmental, political, consumer, and other intervener groups “Project stakeholders are any people or organizations that are actively involved in a project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by execution or completion of the project.” (pp 37) How would you design stakeholder management strategies to address their concerns? As discussed in Chapter 2, I would use the 6 suggested steps presented by T. Block.
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1. Assess the environment: The project between Airbus and Rolls Royce is significant and will and has resulted in significant attention. As a result I would have needed to assess the environment and it's potential to excite a great many stakeholders. Address the stakeholders perhaps a press release would be effective. 2.
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MAN 435-CS-1B - MAN-435 Project Management Project...

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