Physics 112 - 3 - Physics 2 - Conceptual Physics, 10th ed.,...

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Physics 2 - Conceptual Physics , 10th ed., by Paul Hewitt (San Francisco, CA: Addison-Wesley, 2009). Written Assignment 3 1. If 200 volts are put across a 300-loop transformer's primary coil: a. What will be the voltage output if the secondary coil had 750 loops? Voltage x N s /N p 200V * 750/300 = 500 volts b. What is the power in the secondary coil if the resistance in this coil is 50 ohms? Voltage / Resistance 500 / 50 = 10 amps c. What is the current drawn in the primary coil? N s /N p 750 / 300 = 2.5 10A * 2.5 = 25amps d. What is the power in the primary coil? Voltage x amperes 200V * 25A = 5,000 watts 2. A model electric train requires 6 volts to operate. If the primary coil of its transformer has 240 windings, how many windings should the secondary have if the primary is connected to a 120-volt household circuit? Secondary Voltage / Primary Voltage x N p 6 / 120 * 240 = 12 turns 3. How does the current in the secondary of a transformer compare to the current in the primary if the voltage in the secondary is three times the voltage in the primary? This is stepping up. There are three times as many turns producing three times the voltage of the primary. Therefore the primary has a third of the voltage.
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4. Define the following terms: a. Critical angle - the angle between a ray of light and a surface at which the ray be completely reflected by the surface 1 . The angle of incidence is known as the critical angle; it is the largest angle of incidence for which refraction can still occur. b. Total internal reflection – Also known as total reflection, the complete reflection of a light ray at the boundary of the medium in which it is traveling, when the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle. c.
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Physics 112 - 3 - Physics 2 - Conceptual Physics, 10th ed.,...

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