Soc 150 - A5 - SOS-150 Self Assessment and Career...

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SOS-150 Self Assessment and Career Exploration The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options , 8th ed., by Diane Sukiennik, William Bendat, and Lisa Raufman (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007). Building Professionals: Creating a Successful Portfolio , by Dianne J. Orton et al. (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2003). Assignment 5 Prepared by INTERVIEW OF THREE INDIVIDUALS IN MY CHOSEN FIELDS Assignment Distributed Prepared for Thomas Edison State College
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INTERVIEW No. 1 - Type of business – Disaster Relief, Church Ministry Position clarification – Short-term disaster relief in Honduras for clean water. On the water program, volunteers work with rural communities in the region to redevelop clean water supply. In most cases volunteers work directly with the communities and use traditional methods of building with materials sourced from the region. Are resumes important in attaining this position? – While experience and history in this field is certainly invaluable. Unfortunately, we can’t wait for an engineer or experienced person to volunteer six months to a year for this position. Usually, a group is formed when an expert is available. The experts usually stay the amount of time and often return home and come back after certain projects are completed. Our Pastor has also had extensive experience in helping Hondurans in many facets, from building to teaching as well as Ministering to the communities. Position description How did you decide to enter this position? It was right after hurricane Mitch hit in 1998. I was newly married and we were both very involved in our church. We were in a mode of major shift in our lives, with career and living. This position presented itself at church and we felt it was our next place to be involved. Did you need special training, alternative ways of entering this field? With my previous trained experience from working in the oil industry. I had a lot to offer in the way of containment of the purified water. I also had a lot of experience in the way of ground water, some purification and containment as well as being very dependable and able to follow direction. While I couldn’t do this project on my own, even now. I am and was able to follow direction from someone who did know what they were doing. What training would you recommend? Skills, background As I stated my experience and background before… If someone wanted to be the person who did orchestrate the project, they would have to be a person with extensive education either formal or informal in finding clean water supplies matched with the ability to work in very crude, rudimentary environments. What do you like most about this position? least?
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Soc 150 - A5 - SOS-150 Self Assessment and Career...

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