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Written Assignment 4 Content Activities 8.5 and 8.6 on page 167 of Technical English Format Both of these activities are presented in the text as group discussions. If possible review the material with other people at your workplace, with family members at home, or with acquaintances or other students. Ask them for their reaction, particularly to the finished “Campus Guide.” Present your findings in a memo to your mentor. Use the memo on page 329 of the 8th edition or page 330 of the 9th edition of the Handbook of Technical Writing as a model and use headings if appropriate.
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8.5 Assignment 4 MEMORANDUM DRAFT TO: Professor, Technical Writing FROM:, Student Thomas Edison State College DATE: SUBJECT: Smithville College Campus Guide Review Upon review of the completed project plan sheet, the work the students provided was brilliant and close in meeting the needs of the intended audience. The end product for the Smithville College Campus Guide: Audience The students carefully thought of the user in two varying groups; visitors and new students. Audience were will the intended audience be parking? if generic parking, where is the administrative building Purpose Introducing a welcoming format that boosts PR public relations for the college as well as a warm “fuzzy” feeling for the visitor or new student. Taking into consideration the essential element of quick easy reference with a proper title indicating that fact. “Campus Guide” Subject The students, sought out tried and true support and models for their guide with input from experts in the field. Subject matter to much non essential writing for such a small place Order Buildings should be in order, instead of scrambled alphabet. making it easier for the new audience to glance and find their place or desired location. Example: Admin A,
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Technical Writing - A4 - Written Assignment 4 Content...

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