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1 WELCOME TO BIOLOGY 111 ORGANISMAL BIOLOGY FALL 2010 We hope that you will have an enjoyable learning experience in Organismal Biology. This syllabus provides the information you will need to participate and succeed in Biology 111. A paper copy will be provided in the first lecture and an electronic version will be posted on the my Courses web page of the course for future reference. SUMMARY OF ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS We first summarize the essential information you need to get started. Please read this carefully. Lectures Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:35 to 11:25 in Leacock 132. Lectures begin on Thursday, September 2 and end on Thursday, December 2. Prior to each lecture, a pdf file of the PowerPoint lecture slides will be posted on my Courses. You may find it helpful to print out the slides, so that you can make notes on them during class. 24hrs after each lecture, a pdf of the PowerPoint presentation and an audio recording will also be posted. Laboratories Laboratories start in the second week of class (next week, the week of September 6). You must attend the first laboratory or your spot will be given to a student on the waiting list. Laboratories last 3 hours and are given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from 13:35 to 16:35. Laboratory sessions take place in the Stewart Biology Building. On the morning of your first lab day, your assigned lab room number will be posted on the my Courses web site, under “My Tools”, “My Grades”, item “Lab Room” and on the bulletin board next to Stewart Biology room W4/9. You will only be admitted to your assigned room of your registered lab day. Attendance to laboratories is required and recorded. You are required to bring a print out of the lab exercise of the given week from my Courses and complete the pre-lab flow chart (template found at the end of each lab exercise), a lab coat, safety glasses with side shields (or side shields for prescription glasses), a dissecting kit, plain (unlined) loose leaf paper, a 2H pencil for drawings and a padlock for a locker. For reasons of safety and space, you are not allowed to bring back packs or coats into the lab or leave them in the hall. Please put your personal items in a locker, before you come to the lab. Lockers are available for free in several corridors and passageways in the Stewart Biology Building; just find one that is empty and put your lock on it. No personal belongings left in the hallway floors will be tolerated. We recommend that you share lockers between 2 students, as the number of lockers is often limiting. You are allowed to keep that locker for the whole year, if this meets your needs. If you have not yet registered or must change your lab day due to a conflict with another course, you need to
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