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Unformatted text preview: A few useful tips about the Lab component of CHEM 110 : • • • • • • • • • Refer to the list posted on WebCT, to find out if you are in Group A or Group B. The Lab schedule for both groups is on the first page of the Lab Syllabus, you will do 6 experiments. The list will also tell you in what aisle (1‐4) of the Lab you will work (all semester). A demonstrator (Chemistry graduate student) will be in charge in each aisle (~16 students). Demonstrators are present in the Lab at all times to assist you, they grade your reports. Safety glasses and Lab coat must be worn at all times inside the Lab, put them on before coming in. Contact lenses are not allowed, wear your prescription glasses. You will not be allowed in the Lab with sandals or shorts, wear long pants and fully covered shoes. To prepare for the Lab: o o o o • Read the text posted under Lab Manual on WebCT Rewrite the Procedure in your own words (flowchart format), that will be your only reference to do the experiment Data Sheets contain Tables where you record (in ink) everything (measurements, observations…), bring two copies to make duplicates Questions & problems (last page of each experiment text) will never be graded or even verified, they are provided as a mean for you to prepare better. Lab Report: o o o o o o It consists strictly in the pages with the heading Lab Report… The deadline to turn in the report is indicated in the heading of each report page Refer to the Calculation section to fill the report tables properly Use the space given to answer the report questions Turn in your report in the Demonstrator box located outside the Lab, use the right slot Graded reports are available for you to see (at the time of your next lab), but they remain in the Lab ...
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