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OZONE Understand and outline the specific mechanism and reactions for the tropospheric production of ozone. Explain the sources and causes of ozone precursor emissions Demonstrate an understanding of ozone control strategies and the tools used to determine whether ozone formation in a region is VOC or NO x limited. Understand the relative reactivities of hydrocarbons in terms of their ozone formation potential; outline the specific reactions involved for a given hydrocarbon. Describe the design of a three-way catalytic convertor; identify the pollutants and reactions involved. Understand the tradeoffs necessary in optimizing performance with regard to ozone formation. Be familiar with the specific catalysts used. Outline the multistep mechanism for the oxidation of methane to carbon dioxide. Understand each of the reactions involved, the rate-limiting step and the stable molecules formed during the oxidation process. Understand the role of the hydroxyl radical in tropospheric chemistry, how it is formed, how it reacts, and what its sinks are. For a given reaction, use bond energy tables to estimate whether it is endothermic or exothermic; relate this result to the expected rate of the reaction for atmospheric reactions that involve free radicals. Use energy level diagrams and an understanding of chemical kinetics to support this rationale. Outline the multistep mechanism for the complete oxidation of doubly bonded carbon compounds to carbon dioxide. Understand each of the reactions involved. Understand the roles of nitrous acid and nitrogen trioxide in the formation of tropospheric ozone. Chemistry of the Ozone Layer
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Learning%20Outcomes%20Part%201-5 - OZONE Understand and...

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